I was twelve. Czechoslovakia had come to a point of no return. We were putting four decades of communism behind us, through what was later to be known as the Velvet Revolution. During my early childhood, I was able to sense the fear in the air and the unspoken truth; it felt heavy, painful and scary.

Vaclav Havel, a playwright, essayist, dissident, and a defender of human rights, was able to negotiate a peaceful end to a regime that did not serve its people.

He said, “Truth and love must triumph over lies and hatred and reason, humility and responsibility must triumph over ignorance, arrogance, and arbitrariness.”

And so, as I went into my teens I lived through the experiences that shaped what was to become my life purpose: to put my coaching, mediation and negotiation skills at the service of those who fight for human rights, day in day out.

This is a tough long-term struggle, which tests individuals, no matter what their courage and resilience are. I am here as unwavering support in their moments of difficulty where they feel disconnected from their values, disillusioned with the outcomes, or exhausted from the moral battle. As a coach I am their partner, to support them in their journey to support others.

I believe in the power of empowering questions that make us ponder and go within, into the deepest part of our beings, into the silence. And in this pristine clean private space of our hearts, we are able to re-evaluate our thoughts, perceptions and beliefs, observe them and let them pass. In this unlimited space of our infinite potential, we find the answers that feel right for us, remind us of what it’s like to feel empowered, limitless and true to ourselves.

I have realised that the most powerful change starts with an agreement between two people. The power of conversation is that any change in one’s life starts with a change in the conversation we are having with ourselves, and any change in the society comes from the fact that people need to start having a different conversation. Nations are simply a collection of individuals emulating different conversational rhetoric. We are all growing in the global consciousness and awareness that we need to become global citizens, part of a growing community focused on a truly positive future and the empowered world, and this is, in essence, my assignment in life.


Prior to founding the Eva Alnaser & Associates, I worked at Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. (Nasdaq:HSII) the premier provider of senior-level Executive Search and Leadership Consulting services, including culture shaping, executive assessment, succession planning, board effectiveness, leadership development and leadership strategy with a focus across public company Chairpersons, Managing Directors and Non-Executive Directors in the global Natural Resources sector (Mining, Oil & Gas), as well as the Financial sector in Australia and Internationally.

My broad personal skills and my experience in human resources, working with a diversity of talents and clients overseas has developed in me an appreciation and sensitivity to cultural and social differences. Hence, I am now well versed in the tact to be persuasive in different cultural contexts.

I am privileged to have lived, worked and visited many foreign countries across several different continents including Europe, North America, South America, and South-East Asia. And it is this knowledge of culturally and linguistically diverse work, strengthening relationships, enhancement of socio-cultural cooperation, as well as interactions at all levels of hierarchy that has made me followed my true calling – Coaching, Mediation and Human Rights, which are complimenting my extensive experience in the business.

  • Nationally Accredited Mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS), Resolution Institute combining LEADR and IAMA
  • Certified in Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches, PhD. Judith E. Glaser and Creating WE Institute
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Certified in Executive Coaching Program, Coaching, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
  • Resolution Institute (combining LEADER and IAMA), Member
  • Cultural Diplomacy & Cultural Relations, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin, Germany
    Theses: Transformational Conversations as a Tool for Cultural Diplomacy
  • Diplomatic & Business Protocol, Eliska Haskova – Coolidge, Special Assistant to five U.S. Presidents at the White House, USA
  • Certified in Hogan Psychometric Testing by Peter Berry Consulting, Sydney, Australia
    • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)
    • Hogan Development Survey (HDS)
    • Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)
    • Hogan 360
    • Hogan Judgment Report
  • Comenius University, Pedagogical Faculty, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
    First Class (Honours) in Master’s Degree in Pedagogy for Mentally Disabled with High Distinction
  • Certified in ThetaHealing®
  • I believe in the clarity, integrity, courage, wisdom and in our immeasurable potential and the goodness that resides in each one of us.
  • I believe in liberation, self-awareness, self-respect and self love in its purist form.
  • I believe in a world where we have eliminated all forms of discrimination, oppression, cruelty and conditioning.
  • I believe in a world where everybody feels safe, secure and protected, where the civil, cultural and the political rights are heard and used for the noble cause of humanity.
  • I believe in a world where all our children are loved, nurtured, educated and protected, where people with disabilities are not overlooked, humiliated or ridiculed, where elderly are treated with utmost respect and love.
  • I believe in compassion, kindness, love and unity. I believe in justice, courage and human rights. I believe that humbleness is perceived as a beautiful trait and wisdom, knowledge and manners are a baseline norm.
  • I believe in the power of an unconditional mind that is unaffected by social, political, cultural, religious or economic conditioning that is preventing us from tapping into our profound inner wisdom. By knowing who you truly are, it will give you the strength and courage to go beyond any forms of conditioning. It will make you free, liberated and fulfilled.