Our program is designed to give you new insights into the ‘patterns of conversations’ taking place in your culture at all levels.

By following the unparalleled principles of Conversational Intelligence® developed by Judith E. Glaser, we do Discovery Interviews, Assessments and Conversational Coaching to help you to start to understand how you show up, how you connect and interact with others.

Together, we will deconstruct conversations and pinpoint what conversational patterns open up and which ones close down relationships, teams, and organizations.

Once identified, we will work together to enable you to develop the skills for:

  • Exploring your leadership, team and organisational aspirations
  • Higher levels of productivity to achieve business success
  • Developmental opportunities for growth
  • Addressing “blind spots”
  • Creating a culture with no silos, distrust and competition among employees
  • Supporting collaboration and co-creation

We do ultimately impact the Culture when we focus on Conversations.


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Executives taking on new senior positions, or expanding existing positions, are always faced with new challenges, many risks and new relationships. Executive Coaching provides incredible opportunities for personal development and organisational growth.

The program consists of 12 executive coaching sessions to support the Board members & C-Suite level executives during the 1st year of employment.

Program Components
6 executive coaching hours (4 x 90 min)

6 executive coaching hours (6 x 60 min)

The program consists of 10 executive coaching sessions to help the leaders leverage their strengths in new and more effective ways and become more aware of the impact they have on others.

Program Components
3 executive coaching hours (2 x 90 min)

7 executive coaching hours (7 x 60 min)

The program consists of 8 coaching hours to support the management to accelerate the achievement of business goals.

Program Components
8 executive coaching hours (8 x 60 min)

All the packages can be delivered in person or skype.